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Vyse Professional Ballistic & Ordnance Gelatin
The Clear Difference
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image of ballistic gellGelatin Innovations is the distributor of VYSE professional grade ballistic gelatin. Now you can buy the same professional quality used by the FBI, Military, Army, Law Enforcement, Ammunition and Gun Manufacturers around the world. Vyse Professional Ballistic & Ordnance Gelatin is specially formulated to simulate human body density. Other brands on the market are made and sold for food applications. We have made a commitment to this highly specialized industry. Through the many years that we have been doing this we have made changes to the specification. We have learned that a typical food grade gelatin will not provide the consistency required for this kind of scientific study. Vyse Professional Ballistic & Ordnance Gelatin has the narrowest specification tolerance in the industry. Our gelatin so closely mimics human organ density that Medical Universities & Hospitals use it to calibrate ultrasound and imaging equipment. There are four main items for you to look at when purchasing Ballistic & Ordnance gelatin.

Thank you to our friends at Cor®Bon.

The Gelatin Blocks used in this video were made with VYSE® Professional Ballistic Gelatin supplied by Gelatin Innovations

The gelatin must dissolve into a solution quickly. If it takes too long, you may run the risk of over mixing, causing excess foam. Also, depending on the type of mixer, it can chop up or break down the protein side chains that form the gel.
This is a measure of gel strength. This is critical! If the bloom strength is off your results will be as well. Bloom is measured on a Texture Analyzer. 250 Bloom is the standard, however, a typical food specification is ± 10 grams. This is great for a gelatin dessert or candy, but not for ballistics testing. We have narrowed that down to 250 ± 5 grams.
This will determine how fast a gel block will set or gel. It will also determine how fast it will melt during testing. We have imposed a 46mps as minimum in our specification. The food grade equivalent would be 42 ± 4mps. That would simply be unacceptable for consistent testing.
This is critical in determining your results. If you cannot see it, you cannot report it. Our gelatin is run through a high-pressure ultrafiltration. The same type is used for filtering fine wine. Our clarity limit is 25ntu. Anything higher is sold into the food industry.

Testing applications
Body Armor - This test assesses the performance of the projectile when fired against a subject wearing Level III-A Body Armor. If the III-A panels stop the projectile, it is retested against Level II-A (both test results would be published). The penetration shots are conducted with a test barrel.

pitcher When practical / available, in order to allow for more consistent comparison of the AMMUNITION, the results received from a test barrel might be the same, or different than those from a service weapon. A service weapon is utilized during velocity and accuracy tests in order to show a perspective of the deviation if any from the test barrel. It is important to note that a cartridge should not be chosen solely due to its accuracy from a service weapon, unless that accuracy is compared to other cartridges fired from the same EXACT service weapon. Results may vary from firearm to firearm, including functional characteristics. One pistol may be substantially more accurate, or produce higher velocity than another of the same make and model. Each test report will clearly specify the weapon used for testing.


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